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Hello All!  So happy you are visiting my site….Sunrise ’til Sunset.  I am fortunate enough to be recently retired and now able to focus on a life long goal of helping others pursue their passion and live their best life.  Lofty, I suppose; but here’s my point.  Life IS happening now….all around us.  This moment is the only moment we can be sure of having!   You are never too young or too old to realize that life starts NOW.  Whatever your goals or dreams don’t keep putting them off or telling yourself it will never happen.  If it brings you joy – go for it, from the simple to the extreme.

We’ll explore lifestyle, learning, travel, food; whatever brings joy and meaning to life.  Add a sprinkle of my own learned takes on life and hopefully we will have some fun and share some ideas.  So let’s get started.  It’s never too early or too late!

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Look forward to sharing!

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